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What On Earth Are You Here For?

10 Sep

Nothing Great Comes Easy

8 May



Rejection is really about REdirection!

8 May


Thanksgiving Week

8 May

I thank god for:
My mom and dad,
My brothers and sisters,
My new holiday clothing,
My lavish Thanksgiving dinner that lies in front of me,
And the day off from school.

But it’s Friday now,
And oh dear god!
My mother and father are nagging me,
My brothers and sisters are bothering me,
There is a plethora of new clothing that I need to purchase,
I think we should to go out for a Black Friday dinner,
And I don’t want to go back to school again.

I think I will stay home this Monday.
Because, you see, there are some things that I still need to buy.

~ Submitted by Matti Fuld

Pretty Hurts

8 May


Tears begin to pour,

8 May

Yet I make no sound,
I will to scream, yell,
and crush the world,

in my small hands,

Yet I stand there, silently,
scared someone may hear me,
weeping, like a little girl,

I feel as though everything is gone,
and I am alone,
the last to survive,
Yet people walk by, casually,
as though nothing has happened,

I bravely leave my hiding place,

checking if anyone is near,

I quickly wash my face,
tears gone, make-up reapplied,
I look as any other girl in the street,
I look like everyone else,

I open the door to the world,
Surprised to see nothing has changed,
the sun still shines, brighter than ever,
people chatting, cars speeding by,

It finally hits me,
the world cries to it’s own problems,
and my issues,
they’re just another candy wrapper,
in a gutter,

forgotten, and nowhere to be seen

~ Submitted by Neta Chizhik

Footprints in the Snow

24 Jan

I love that feeling that comes
During the longest night
When tiny white angels
Begin to take flight
They parachute ever so softly
Landing with barely a sound
Slowly forming a blanket
Of soft white upon the ground
But it doesn’t last for very long
This magnificent show
Because sooner or later someone walks by
And makes footprints in the snow

~ S.K.


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