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Footprints in the Snow

24 Jan

I love that feeling that comes
During the longest night
When tiny white angels
Begin to take flight
They parachute ever so softly
Landing with barely a sound
Slowly forming a blanket
Of soft white upon the ground
But it doesn’t last for very long
This magnificent show
Because sooner or later someone walks by
And makes footprints in the snow

~ S.K.

Nail Art: Magic Sharpie

23 Jan


We are big fans of The Beauty Department! They give fabulous tutorials on everything from hair and makeup to the latest trends for nails. This look was meant for New Years but who says that’s the only night to sparkle? Wear this look to add a festive glitter to your winter attire.

A Woman

23 Jan

She was never called The Woman, only, A Woman. Her locks were long and shining and her face was pure as snow, her lips the color of berries and her eyes wide and blue. She was the one who every night took the husbands to bed and showed them what a true dance of the spirits could be. She yelled in song and praised in plenty and never knew a slap or a whip or a curse. Her needlepoint was precise and intricate and her fingers were still soft because a needle never pierced her skin. She was the one who joined the twelve of them in harmony and peace, and the jealous wives tales became untrue when she was around because they were all the same, and how can you be jealous of a woman? Her children were bright and playful and she stayed young through the fretful winters and broiling summers; her hair never grayed and her skin never creased. They wondered about her but she only lived in this town, among these twelve, silent as a whisper. She was the one they turned to when there was nothing left to put on the table, no¬†crumbsleft in the fridge, when their men had hit them and their children misbehaved. She was there when they were mocked because they didn’t know how to add or spell or read and write, and when their backs broke from the weight of sorrow; when their mothers died and they got feverish and black. She was there most of all when they looked in the mirror, a crack splitting their faces in two and she was between the crack and holding them together tight. She would whisper in the ears of the twelve and remind them of their beautiful locks and berry lips and the songs they sang together like birds going south. They would look into the mirror, straight into her eye, and they would know who they were. They would know that they were the thirteenth.

~ Y.J.

7 Ways To Wear Your Scarf!

5 Nov

Fall is here which means it’s time for hot apple cider, holiday festivities and fun with layers! The Fashion Team over at Karen Michelle Beverly Hills sent us 7 chic ways to wear your scarf.

Hurricane Sandy

2 Nov

~ Ariella Bartfeld

Nail Art: The Gold Leaf

22 Oct

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Look Of The Day:

22 Oct

Cozy up this fall with oversized sweaters and layers. Think tribal prints and warm colors.

~ Batsheva Rivkin Stylist

Side Profile

19 Oct

~ Art by Rachel Glassman.

Small Talk

19 Oct

I nod my head and smile again,
The burning creases brand my skin
A scar I will forever wear,
There’s nothing left to talk about
Pretend to hear, pretend to care:
I fear my words have all run out.

~ M.N.

The Mirror Mission: Power To Stand After The Fall

19 Oct

The eyes crawl down my spine. The eyes examine the bumps and ghost-like skin. Proceeding to turn around, our eyes meet. The stranger looks down.

I remember the stares. I remember my confusion. I remember living in my own world of disbelief and denial, out of touch with what others saw when they stared. Maybe others saw a 76-pound high school student with an appearance resembling that of a frail child. No matter how I was seen, I did not recognize any hint that would lead me to conclude that my mind and body were in poor health and out of sync. Oblivious. I was on my own planet, living in another world.

I was forced to return to Earth.

Like a meteor, I spiraled down and crashed. Although I did not bring myself back down to Earth, I picked up the pieces myself. I was helped to my knees, but learned that I had the power to bring myself to my feet. Continue reading


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