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Aura Schwartz – Makeup Artist
Aura is a makeup artist in the heart of New York City. Loving the pulse of the city & it’s vibrant mix of people she enjoys doing makeup and the look on someone’s face when she has coaxed their self confidence along. She knows that your inner self can overcome bad experiences and replace it with complete serenity. She loves to learn because “you cherish what you love, you love what you know, and you know what you learn”

Rav Shmuel – Rabbi in Residence
Rav Shmuel is a rabbi who jams original compositions on his guitar when he’s not busy running his Yeshiva in Newark New Jersey. Rav Shmuel studied for 10 years at Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv enjoying a close relationship with the late Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld z”tl. He lived with his family in Israel for seven years where he was a Magid Shiur at Bat Ayin Yeshiva, a Adjunct Professor at Bar Ilan University, a Guest Lecturer at a whole slew of Seminaries and a weekly Performer at Mike’s Place, though not all at once. It was in Israel that Rav Shmuel gained popularity as a “go-to” person for young adults seeking advice in hashkafic and personal issues.

Shiffy Silberstein – Fashion Stylist

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Shiffy translated her life-long love for fashion into a career in wardrobe styling and costume design. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2002, she moved to Los Angeles where she has pursued styling full-time for the last five years. Her career began in earnest when a photographer friend asked for styling help on a shoot; she did so well, the calls starting coming in and they haven’t stopped. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles with her daughter, Sara.

Michele Piava – Life Coach
Michele Paiva is a media and wellness professional that is here to act as your life and wellness coach. Ask her anything from personal issues to professional aspirations and she will help you explore the opportunities and learn to plow through challenges together, all from a philosophy inspired by the Torah.

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    what is a healthy non-fattening and filling food

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