The Maidelle Team

Founder & Editor – Nina Safar Growing up with eight sisters Nina understands the importance of the feminine voice. As a teen she was frustrated with the lack of opportunity there was to speak her mind in a stimulating environment. She decided to create a space for girls to connect and talk. Where they would find comfort and validation in the fact that they are not alone. Where they would be heard. This is that space.

yearbook self picture fixed for realTalia Weisberg – Contributing Editor┬áis a rising first year student at Harvard University. She is so happy to be on the Maidelle team, since she loves receiving submissions and seeing what the modern girl has to say about her world. She’s a writer herself, having written approximately 200 articles for over 50 publications. In what time she has to spare for personal interests, she messes around in Photoshop, fuzzies with her rescue dog Lacey, eats (a lot), and goes to rock concerts. She can be reached at


Batsheva Rivkin – Fashion Consultant, is a Certified Image Consultant/Personal Stylist. Fashion and image have always been a huge part of her life. As a little girl, her Mom swears she used to regularly change her outfits 3-4 times a day! Now, an FIT trained Image Consultant based in New York City, the fashion capital of the world. Her job is to boost people’s self esteem and self confidence by helping them look good. As Maidelle’s fashion consultant, She will be using her professional expertise to keep you updated on the latest hip and fab styles while letting you in on the latest hottest trends in the fashion world!

Dianna Hochman – Cosmetologist, is a NY based makeup artist. She has worked internationally in England, Israel, and Canada. As an independent make up artist she has the creative freedom to research and select the best possible product available today in the make up world. Therefore her makeup tips will be from hands on experience, letting you know what the best products out there are. When it comes to choosing the best under eye concealer or the best bronzers that stay on; you’ll be receiving information that will save you money and those constant trips returning products that just don’t work like they should. You can view her portfolio here.

Dalia Wolfson is a junior at Hunter College High School. She is a bookworm living in the Big Apple, which means that her favorite haunts are the Strand, that sanctum between the two lions (their names are Patience and Fortitude, by the way), the Great Lawn and small coffee stores with quality jazz and worn leather couches. Dalia is an editor of several school newspapers, as well as a freelance writer for TDF, High5 and a UK-based music magazine which sends her obscure songs that she listens to on her determinedly-non-Apple mp3 player. In her spare time, Dalia likes converting her squiggles and doodles into stories, Zumba dancing, reading about foreign affairs and sketching with charcoal.

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