God is Always There

God is always there
Waiting for you to stretch out your little pinky so that He can tug on it and engulf you in a never-ending warm hug
God had a treasure house of blessing to shower you with all you needed to do was place your hand on the faucet
You just had to whisper God’s name and He would have sat beside you wiped your tears and when He’s with you your life problems are as simple as typing the wrong letter and having to press the backspace button
God had your salvation waiting from the day you left the womb like an exquisite show waiting for someone to lift the curtain
When you were below sea level when all was dark and the pressure was banging against your ears when all hope was lost. God appeared and you were warmed by His rays
You were oblivious, but all a long he had faith that one day you would call upon his name
And you didn’t
Instead you put your trust in money and fame
And you kept sinking lower…lower…lower
All the while God was whispering in your ear “ I’m here” but your iPod volume was too high
For a split second you thought you heard something – you lifted your head tilted it to the left with your right ear perked up
God repeated His message I’m right here next to you
And then you noticed that smudge on your shoulder you scratched if off getting dirt under your finger nail and then you turned the volume up louder.
And all the while God had faith in you
When you could go no further your body was spread along the sea floor your palms were cut by the rocks and the seaweed was itched your skin – jelly fish could not distinguish your muddy body from the gravel floor
Then – only when you had nowhere else to turn you lifted your eyes to God
And He had mercy

~ Moriah Berg

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