Subway in Action

I take my usual spot
the one by the door
and I let out a sigh cuz
I’ve seen this scene before

that man, with the paper
nothing else hits his eyes,
and that mom keeps yelling
at her baby who cries

one guys loudly snoring,
mustve had a hard day
and a young girl beside him
is texting away

some tourists are standing
in awe of this all
keep on snapping some pictures
holding on to the walls

2 girls reading notes
wonder whats on their test
and the woman beside them
needs a good rest

4 teens are sitting
side by side in one row
they seem to be friends
but I wouldnt know

cuz their ears are all plugged
and their ipods in hand
everyones in their own world
I just dont understand

we are all then informed
that there are some delays
the watches come out
and some people pray

then 3 dudes come on
to put on a show
with boombox in hand
and their pants really low

the music is blasting
they are flipping in the air
but no one really notices
and no one really cares

still reading, still yelling
and snoring out loud
still texting, still snapping
what a lovely crowd

still studying, still tired
still have headphones in ear
still blasting, still dancing
till the next stop comes near

cuz this is new york
nothing comes as a surprise
everyone is weird
if you open ur eyes

except people are busy
stuck in their own bubble
and to just look around
is way too much trouble

the train pulls to my stop
with a click and a clack
and I exit the train
and step over the gap.

~ Esther Seryl Rotberg


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