How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss:

What girl doesn’t love her lip gloss? The only thing better than a pretty pout is one that tastes good. Check out this cool how to on making your own lip gloss using crystal light!

Crystal Light Lip Gloss:

Ingredients Needed:
Vaseline or Un-Petroleum Jelly
Crystal Light (Cherry Pomegranate and Raspberry Lemonade) (Kool-Aid apparently work as well, but I haven’t tried)
a small container (I charmed a salesperson at Sephora and they gave me a bunch of these)
a mixing tool (I used a plastic knife after my q-tip got too goopy)

Fill the empty small container with your Un-Petroleum Jelly. Add the Crystal Light. Keep adding and stirring till you have your desired color. If you put it on right away it will be exfoliating. Wait an hour and the granules will dissolve. Pucker up!

DIY Source:

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