Frozen Tears

The girl that can’t cry

has a heart so cold

buried under frozen tears

rhythm; untold.


While her mind digests,

her soul is dead fire

it can touch, but can’t feel,

she longs for desire.


She can’t hear love

Because she cannot bear pain

She’s left listless and numb

burnt out and tamed.


she can’t blame her past,

though her past is to blame

she puts on a mask

to suit rules of the game.


On the outside, she’s a warrior,

but pain soars to the sky

her once flourishing well

of emotions ran dry.


she attempts to try

any means of escape,

to connect and to feel,

energized and awake.


she longs for someone

to read between the lines,

but deep deep down

she just wishes to cry.

~ Anonymous

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