Leave a just-worn garment out overnight before putting it back into your closet. It will give the fabric a chance to breathe and air out so it doesn’t infuse your wardrobe with the scent of your day’s/night activities. ~ Batsheva Rivkin Stylist Continue reading TIP OF THE DAY:


Huddled around the campfire, I lie on the ground, hood over my head, in my oversized Gap sweatshirt. I shiver and wander into my own thoughts, which are interrupted by a sudden gasp and a chorus of “wows.”

It is the second Thursday night in July. I have spent the entirety of the day canoeing down the Delaware River along with my campers and co-staff members. After a enjoyable day of splashing, tanning, and tipping, we dry off, eat dinner, and sing uplifting songs. Girls settle around the campfire sitting shoulder to shoulder, eating smores and telling inspirational stories.

The “wows” that interrupted my reverie came after my camper relayed a story about her uncle, who was spared from the horrors of 9/11 because he was helping an elderly man through the subway station and missed his train. Continue reading “9.11”