Every Star, Every Galaxy, Every Grain of Sand

There are 300 billion stars in the Milky Way alone. That’s just the Milky Way, though. It’s hard to know exactly how many galaxies exist in the universe, but the estimation is about 100 to 200 billion galaxies. Mah rabbu ma’asecha Hashem doesn’t seem to cut the awe of these statistics. Every star is a huge ball of energy, with precise chachma. Every star required a creator. Every … Continue reading Every Star, Every Galaxy, Every Grain of Sand

The Everything Poem

Rain and shine, Day and night, Anger and hope, Thick and thin,   I don’t even know, where to begin.   Chap stick, toothpaste, chocolate, flowers, sleep, monsters, spiders and bears.   Silly snakes slither and slide, grilled, boiled, cooked, and fried.   All your thoughts, emotions, feelings, falling down like orange peelings.   Pen, paper, cupcakes, jeans, gym, sneakers, dolphins and dogs.   Just … Continue reading The Everything Poem

Why Do DIY Nail Art?

Would you want to cover your nails with a margarita? If you had Essie’s Margarita nail color,  you might. As an admirer of Essie as well as other nail polish companies, I enjoy doing nail art.  According to the New York Times, nail polish sales in the US were up 67% between 2010 and 2011, with non-traditional shades and textures becoming more and more popular. … Continue reading Why Do DIY Nail Art?

Thoughts on Tisha B’Av

I hope you all had an enjoyable and meaningful fast and now sit satisfied and full as you think back to your inspiration. I wanted to share one thing I gained this year. I am in Camp Nageela right now, a camp for girls who are interested in expanding spiritually. As you can imagine, Tisha B’Av is a little different when girls have no concept … Continue reading Thoughts on Tisha B’Av

The Red Star Line Museum: A Story of Immigration

During the late nineteenth century and early twentieth, hundreds of thousands of Jews left their European countries of birth and immigrated to North America. Many of these Jews traveled from the alter heim (old country) to the United States via the Red Star Line (RSL), a transatlantic passenger ship line operating from 1873 to some time in 1934. During this time period, about 2.6 million … Continue reading The Red Star Line Museum: A Story of Immigration

The Needed Enemy

In a still black room, filled with the soft breathing of two sisters Each sleeping in a soothing, unhurried, utopia, With lids innocently closed and creases smoothed, A vibrant enemy reigns.     It slithers through the darkness. Then with the burst of banging metals My stomach crumbles into A pile of old autumn leaves.     My lids stay sealed, shading the dazzling glow … Continue reading The Needed Enemy

Model Behavior

The studio apartment looks small and oppressive from the viewfinder on my camera. A sharp staccato of voices clang together, making the stifling gray walls tense up. “Stand to the left of that wall. No, I mean my left – not hers…” “Good, stay there were the light captures her face – great. “ “Alright. Make sure to get that on camera. Hello? Mr. Photographer? … Continue reading Model Behavior