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Why Do DIY Nail Art?

Would you want to cover your nails with a margarita? If you had Essie’s Margarita nail color,  you might. As an admirer of Essie as well as other nail polish companies, I enjoy doing nail art.  According to the New York Times, nail polish sales in the US were up 67% between 2010 and 2011, with non-traditional shades and textures becoming more and more popular. The overall popularity of nail art increased over 54% in the past 10 years, according to research by the Huffington Post. Some people look around at this new trend and can wonder why manicuring has raised attractiveness recently.

Some experts think that the weak US economy, still recovering from the 2008 recession, has encouraged  people to try saving money with everything they do. Jewelry and makeup can get pricey, since each outfit has a different style that needs to be created. However, nail polish can be put on once a week, to last through multiple events and occasions, as an affordable accessory. People can add a pop of color to their look with a $10 manicure rather than a $35 statement necklace. As CNN claims, “Even when people don’t have enough money for a lovely holiday or a fabulous facial, they probably have enough they can spend a little bit on their nails.” My fellow classmate from Manhattan High School for Girls, Talia  Weisberg, 18, is a co-creator of, a writing, art, and fashion website for Jewish teenage girls. According to her, “DIY nail art gives people a sense of empowerment in their own creativity.”

In addition, people like manicuring because it works for all types. Whether you are curvy or petite, you can still benefit from beautifully groomed nails. There is always a color to match your skin tone, or a new design to match your mood. This look can be a fun change that doesn’t have to be drastic. Seeing someone with an interesting design on their hands is a great conversation starter and can help someone in their social life. According to Jennifer Walter, 23, a New York nail art enthusiast and blogger, “So many friendships are born from just sitting across a table for 30 minutes with another person. I have the opportunity to bond with people of all ages just because we share the common interest of nail art.”

One concern about getting a manicure has been whether or not it is healthy. In the past, people thought that the polish and polish removers had lethal poisons. However, thanks to technology advancements, scientists were able to change the formula of the liquids to contain vitamins and moisturizers for the hands and nails.  There are also more tools to assist people do their nails with a professional look, including stencils, thin brushes, and polish pens. Ever since gel and shellac polish made their debut, chip-free nail color is now also an option for people.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to be cool and trendy, consider covering your nails with margarita—or lilacism, or marshmallow, or hot coco. So grab a couple of friends, pop out the polish, and have some creative, inexpensive, fashion fun.


~ Miriam Sara Kavian


I Will Soar

I was the yolk of an egg. I was starting to develop yet was completely trapped by the shell. People were always hovering over me like a mother bird hovers over her eggs to keep them warm and to protect them from harm. My loved ones thought they were doing the best for me by sheltering me and creating a barrier between me and the outside world; the world that I so long to experience. After a while I was done. I had enough. My frustration was so overwhelming that my shell, my barrier broke. I was free to go. I was free yet alone. They thought I wasn’t ready to be wandering alone in the world, they thought that I pushed my shell to break before it’s allotted time. But I was sick of being someone who was looked over, i was sick of being the yolk. Being alone in the world, being a baby bird without anyone to guide me, to hover over me and keep me warm, was tough. I had to learn how to walk; to find my path. To search for food and to learn independence. When I got the hang of it, I thought I was healed. I thought I was perfect. But then a vulture came. My friends were able to fly away and protect themselves, but me, with all my confidence in myself, was not able to save myself. I couldn’t fly. So every minute of every day after that, I tried spreading my wings. I tried getting rid of the image of the vulture; the darkness and my insecurities. My wings started to spread, I felt a sense of joy. And suddenly I was off the ground; I was healing. I started flying for a few seconds, the best seconds of my life. I fell down and broke my legs a couple of times yet I was determined not to give up. So I keep trying every day to perfect my flying, to help me find myself. I know that one day I will be just like all the magical birds flying in the clear blue sky, but for me it’ll be more special. It’ll be more rewarding because I work like hell to achieve my goal. I am flying now, but one day, one day I will soar!


~ Faye Lax at Fashion Recovery