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Breaking Free

I feel the leaves beneath my feet
and the wind blow through my hair
and I look back into your eyes
and I tell you that I’m scared
my time has come, its here
and I grasp your hand only tighter
because the tears I cry blur my eyes
as I realize we’re survivors
I’ll tell you now I have my faith
its the magic that has moved me Continue reading Breaking Free


Words Unspoken

Dear D, my Former Friend and Victim

I remember when you joined our class, straight from the grade above. We soon became friends – us –the loners. Both of us were punished for losing the place in Chumash. For me the problem was solved with Ritilin, yet you were different. From the start we were diverse, I, used complain about the times when I got 70%, yet you wished you had that mark instead of your 30%. I loved to read, and when you came to me for Shabbos I used to pine for a book, yet you hated reading, as it was challenging. Our families were different too. You had a cell-phone by third grade while I only got mine in high school. You listened to Non-Jewish Music while I didn’t. As time went on, we got older and class dynamics changed. A. left, leaving her friend B. unattached. Me and B. always were friendly, came from similar backgrounds. B. was the friend I wanted. Sixth grade found me no longer the loner -the loner was you. I started to feel superior then you due to my brain. I used to tease you, or it was more like bullying. I thought that would help me fit in better. After just one term, you left. Continue reading Words Unspoken

The Other Half of Friendship:

Dear Friend,

Do you remember me? You know, your best friend? Well, either way, I remember you.The one who stood up for herself when things went wrong. The one who was my role model for strength. The one who I trusted more than anyone. Where did she go? I wonder if you got lost behind the bad things in life. Did you drown yourself over piles and piles of pills? Or did you simply just surrender? I sure hope not. Continue reading The Other Half of Friendship:

Love is Like

Its like your lips have touched the greatest chocolate ever tasted
Its like your toes have touched the water from the cold ocean floor
Its like your hair blowing in the wind and sun shinning on you
Its like the first star the comes into the dark night sky
Its like a beautiful diamond shinning so brightly in a small broken box
Its like love, love at first sight.

Love is like an ocean moving so fast
The waves want to swallow your last breath Continue reading Love is Like