The Everything Poem

Rain and shine, Day and night, Anger and hope, Thick and thin,   I don’t even know, where to begin.   Chap stick, toothpaste, chocolate, flowers, sleep, monsters, spiders and bears.   Silly snakes slither and slide, grilled, boiled, cooked, and fried.   All your thoughts, emotions, feelings, falling down like orange peelings.   Pen, paper, cupcakes, jeans, gym, sneakers, dolphins and dogs.   Just … Continue reading The Everything Poem

The Needed Enemy

In a still black room, filled with the soft breathing of two sisters Each sleeping in a soothing, unhurried, utopia, With lids innocently closed and creases smoothed, A vibrant enemy reigns.     It slithers through the darkness. Then with the burst of banging metals My stomach crumbles into A pile of old autumn leaves.     My lids stay sealed, shading the dazzling glow … Continue reading The Needed Enemy

MY Shoes

This poem was inspired by a different poem I wrote while at the USHMM in Washington, DC. In the museum, there is a room with a pathway down the middle. On each side is a pile of shoes taken from people as they arrived at concentration camps. This was inspired by my journey through that room.   Shoes   At the top of the pile- … Continue reading MY Shoes


Old, new. Stop, go. Turn here, turn around What used to matter before Is dead. Buried in the ground. Beauty, pain. Colour, stone. Buses intertwine with cars Count to three and it’s gone You’ve forgotten who you are Stop, then continue to go Start from the start Intertwine the new and the old To repair your broken heart.   ~ Anna Shapiro Continue reading 2/14/13