Hidden in a Voice

Hidden in a voice,
is a variety of emotions
Sure there’s a sound,
which forms the words
but that’s not all.
Hidden in a voice,
is a whole new mystery
Things which are left unsaid,
or simply can’t be heard
A voice tells all.

Hidden in a smile,
is a variety of emotions
Sure there’s happiness,
and the sounds of laughter
but that’s not all.
Hidden in a smile,
is a whole new mystery
Whether its suspicious,
or filled with dreams
A smile tells all. Continue reading “Hidden in a Voice”

Far From Reality

That night I found you,
breaking – slowly but surely
I saw your seems,
coming undone
I saw your emotions,
trapped inside the pain
You were sinking,
but you stopped swimming
Floating into a world,
far from your reality

That night I found you,
broken – covered in pills
I saw a sadness,
a waterfall of emotions
Trapped inside your eyes,
unable to escape
You were lost,
at rock bottom
Living in a world,
far from your reality Continue reading “Far From Reality”

God is Always There

God is always there
Waiting for you to stretch out your little pinky so that He can tug on it and engulf you in a never-ending warm hug
God had a treasure house of blessing to shower you with all you needed to do was place your hand on the faucet
You just had to whisper God’s name and He would have sat beside you wiped your tears and when He’s with you your life problems are as simple as typing the wrong letter and having to press the backspace button
God had your salvation waiting from the day you left the womb like an exquisite show waiting for someone to lift the curtain Continue reading “God is Always There”

To Calculators

Your brilliance is exceptional Your speed is incomparable Your answer is unquestionable You are the accumulation of thousands of formulas, graphs and proofs With the press of a button I can access all that you have to offer You accompany me through Some of my hardest times You stood by my side through stressful math tests the SAT’s and the ACT’s You relieved me of … Continue reading To Calculators

Wandering Thoughts

My thoughts are bursting and I search for truth.
My ambitions stand still as I waste away youth.
I raise my arms to soar, but gravity I cannot defy.
I quit before I even have the chance to try.

I yearn, but don’t attain.
These regrets, I will have to claim.
How to clutch onto the time?
Reveal what they say about you and your divine.
How do I release this grief to feel superiority?
I try to express with other terminology. Continue reading “Wandering Thoughts”