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Fake Eyelashes:

I tried fake eyelashes with my friends the other day and they looked really good! But we read on the back that they make your real lashes fall out, so we quickly took them off. Is that true of all fake eyelashes? Continue reading Fake Eyelashes:



I feel like sometimes people are in cliques. How can I deal with this?
~ Alex

Hi Alex, well this is a generalization and not a concrete example so I’ll take it more from a coping-skill building place than specific help. It is possible that what you see is a clique is not really a clique at all. Everyone, from younger children, teens and adults, gravitate to different groups from time to time. Females are more apt to communicate with each other so females tend to have more opportunities to gravitate. It’s not always a clique. Continue reading Cliques.

Depressed and not sure why….

I was always a pretty happy go lucky girl and I had no reason not to be. My family was so awesome, friends always wanted to be with me, and I did well in school. I don’t know how or when things changed, but my grades are out the window, my friends make me feel so down on myself, and I can’t stand my parents anymore. My life just seems so bleak. How can I pick myself up? Continue reading Depressed and not sure why….

What’s the sitch with Zionism?

Dear Rabbi,

As we celebrate Israels 61st birthday I am overwhelmed with the question , what is the sitch with zionisim? Why do some schools and youth movements identify themselves as zionistic and others would never go near such a label..Is zionisim an ideology? Is it a political movement? What is the difference between religious zionisim and zionisim? Does moving to Israel and gathering the diaspora bring moshiach closer or does first the messiah have to come and then the diaspora will be united? Is Zionism about finding a refuge from Anti-Semitism? Continue reading What’s the sitch with Zionism?