Why Do DIY Nail Art?

Would you want to cover your nails with a margarita? If you had Essie’s Margarita nail color,  you might. As an admirer of Essie as well as other nail polish companies, I enjoy doing nail art.  According to the New York Times, nail polish sales in the US were up 67% between 2010 and 2011, with non-traditional shades and textures becoming more and more popular. … Continue reading Why Do DIY Nail Art?

Model Behavior

The studio apartment looks small and oppressive from the viewfinder on my camera. A sharp staccato of voices clang together, making the stifling gray walls tense up. “Stand to the left of that wall. No, I mean my left – not hers…” “Good, stay there were the light captures her face – great. “ “Alright. Make sure to get that on camera. Hello? Mr. Photographer? … Continue reading Model Behavior