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The Needed Enemy

In a still black room, filled with the soft breathing of two sisters

Each sleeping in a soothing, unhurried, utopia,

With lids innocently closed and creases smoothed,

A vibrant enemy reigns.



It slithers through the darkness.

Then with the burst of banging metals

My stomach crumbles into

A pile of old autumn leaves.



My lids stay sealed, shading the dazzling glow

As groans reach my ears; a body flips over.

Lazily a finger triumphs over the foe

And I awake into a world where the lack of sleep cannot be forgotten.


~ Frumi Cohn

Frozen Tears

The girl that can’t cry

has a heart so cold

buried under frozen tears

rhythm; untold.


While her mind digests,

her soul is dead fire

it can touch, but can’t feel,

she longs for desire.


She can’t hear love

Because she cannot bear pain

She’s left listless and numb

burnt out and tamed.


she can’t blame her past,

though her past is to blame

she puts on a mask

to suit rules of the game.


On the outside, she’s a warrior,

but pain soars to the sky

her once flourishing well

of emotions ran dry.


she attempts to try

any means of escape,

to connect and to feel,

energized and awake.


she longs for someone

to read between the lines,

but deep deep down

she just wishes to cry.

~ Anonymous


I hear a beat,

I know the sound

I feel a skip,

One that I’m used to

I see a picture,

But this one is new

I cry of pain,

Because I know this is real.


I hear a beat,

Because all love is gone

I feel a skip,

Since I wasn’t worth the truth

I see a picture,

Wishing it would burn

I cry of pain,

Because now I’m in the dark.

I hear a beat,

Wishing it were music

I feel a skip,

Wishing it would leave

I see a picture,

Wishing it would delete

I cry of pain,

Because the picture is forever in my mind.

I saw you today,

But I am still not sure it was you

Sure I gave you a huge hug

And told you how much I miss you

I squeezed onto you tightly

Fearing that I would lose you

But the thing is,

I already have

That girl was not you

Sure she had the same colored hair

And the same green eyes

But those might be the only similarities

I asked her all about school

And the voice I heard was familiar

But the tone wasn’t.

That girl was not you

You always smile

That girl looked miserable

You’re always positive

That girl seemed negative

You always have respect

That girl had none left

Maybe always is the wrong word.

I guess always now means used to

You used to smile.

You used to look positive.

You used to have respect.

But I guess that’s all gone.

If you want to visit me again as you

I will be waiting with open arms

To give you that hug – and mean it.

I miss you.


~ Anonymous