The Needed Enemy

In a still black room, filled with the soft breathing of two sisters Each sleeping in a soothing, unhurried, utopia, With lids innocently closed and creases smoothed, A vibrant enemy reigns.     It slithers through the darkness. Then with the burst of banging metals My stomach crumbles into A pile of old autumn leaves.     My lids stay sealed, shading the dazzling glow … Continue reading The Needed Enemy


I hear a beat, I know the sound I feel a skip, One that I’m used to I see a picture, But this one is new I cry of pain, Because I know this is real.   I hear a beat, Because all love is gone I feel a skip, Since I wasn’t worth the truth I see a picture, Wishing it would burn I … Continue reading Beat

Just a Woman

First glance. just a woman worn, waning graying, fading You rush by to the beat of the second-hand’s impatient tap Ushering you to Important places Second glance just a woman a whisper faint and distant but insistent her words echo as you scurry on to Important things Glance again. a Woman weathered but strong a striking song a melody of history you could hear if … Continue reading Just a Woman