Dear Insecure Me

You’re not famous. Not even close. You’re just a sixteen year old girl trying to finish high school. You keep your brothers out of trouble, you listen to music, you fill out college apps, you spend time with your friends, you do homework.  Sometimes you eat too much or stay up too late. Your feeble attempts to juggle all of your Jewish teenage girl activities don’t seem very special.

Yet, you are a woman – or somewhere in that awkward stage between little girl and full grown woman. And that simple biological factor puts you, amazingly enough, in the same category as Elizabeth Blackwell, Marie Curie, Sarah Imainu, Rachel, Leah, Jane Goodall and the countless other females who have left immensely formidable impressions. And as you struggle to keep all of your comparatively insignificant balls in the air, you wonder how you can ever hope to measure up. You’re not nearly smart enough, nice enough, brave enough, or good enough. But you are woman. Continue reading “Dear Insecure Me”


And then I grab the box of Clavamox And you begin the fight for your life Determination races You’re running places Who would’ve thought a 3 legged cat could be so dang fast? Got you Got the scruff of your neck Your head against the floor Don’t move! Stop acting like a child! 1 mL Of banana flavored medicine later, The look in your green … Continue reading Medicat