peaceful morning
The soft sunlight sitting collecting
all the hope for the afternoon to come
Trees and leaves rustling
Playfully nudging each other awake
Daisies and roses sleepily raising one eye
at each other
The whole air one big question
of what will be
The waters around
dont answer; all question the same-
and the world awakens together

~ Shula Eskenazi


The “L” Word

The whole world is all talking about one thing: Love. The big “L word”. It’s plastered over billboards worldwide, in all the songs on the radio, hell it’s staring you in the face at Times Square. It’s in everyone’s thoughts and in everyone’s mouths so when it wouldn’t shut up, I couldn’t help but wonder: Does the world really know what this thing they call “love” is? Continue reading The “L” Word

A Perspective:

We cry when the skies are silently still and dark
We think when the sun takes over the earth
We smile when our souls have found a place in our bodies
At times we realize the reality we create is in our hands
At others we’d rather blame everything but ourselves
We know deep inside that the power is within us
We choose to ignore that fact when we feel weak
Denial and ignorance are a sly tool we possess
It destroys what we want to build
Awareness is its only counterpart
Awareness grows with each positive act
It strengthens with each added concept and idea we learn about life
About the soul and its power
Its power to destroy itself or to create its own amazing reality
A reality that seems to already exist
Its seems to have just been blinded
So the question goes…does a tree make noise when it falls if a person is not there to hear it???

~ Eva Zibell-Zoldan


look at what we’ve built together
how can you even propose
to knock it all down
or worse yet to
abandon ship

loathing to loving
it was a rocky road
yet you made it, as did I
do not lie- it was mutual all along
never did we take for granted
each other’s participation

now you can not pick up and go
it isn’t what was meant to be

would you steal our work and take it
let it shape you for
your next encounter while
I lie here fish from water
floundering in the memories
of what once was?

do not tell me we can share it
(that’s as good as dividing a room
with tape: this side’s yours,
that one’s mine)
where will you go anyways
you lionheart?
where, and who’ll you meet?
can I follow? can I watch?
I’ll not say a word
of your cruelty
to animals.

~ Hadassah Dukes

Love is like:

Its like your lips have touched the greatest chocolate ever tasted
Its like your toes have touched the water from the cold ocean floor
Its like your hair blowing in the wind and sun shinning on you
Its like the first star the comes into the dark night sky
Its like a beautiful diamond shinning so brightly in a small broken box
Its like love, love at first sight.

Love is like an ocean moving so fast
The waves want to swallow your last breath

It pushes you so deeply its hard to come out
The love of a shadow to cover you
From the rays of the strongest suns

Love eats you like your the greatest chocolate ever tasted
Love is like the water that makes your toes cold
Love is what makes your hair blow in the wind and the sun shine on you
Love is the first star in the dark night sky
Love is the diamond in a small broken box
Love, is love…at first, second, third sight.

~ Kayla Pinson