I hear a beat, I know the sound I feel a skip, One that I’m used to I see a picture, But this one is new I cry of pain, Because I know this is real.   I hear a beat, Because all love is gone I feel a skip, Since I wasn’t worth the truth I see a picture, Wishing it would burn I … Continue reading Beat


Old, new. Stop, go. Turn here, turn around What used to matter before Is dead. Buried in the ground. Beauty, pain. Colour, stone. Buses intertwine with cars Count to three and it’s gone You’ve forgotten who you are Stop, then continue to go Start from the start Intertwine the new and the old To repair your broken heart.   ~ Anna Shapiro Continue reading 2/14/13

When Torah Comes to Life

I never thought of leyning – the ritual chanting of readings from Tanakh during synagogue services – as a possibility for me. As an Orthodox Jewish girl, leyning was supposed to be the domain of the boys. It was deemed immodest, non-halakhic, and – the greatest taboo of all – “Conservative,” for a girl (even as part of women’s tefillah) to read from the Torah. High school exposed … Continue reading When Torah Comes to Life